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Computers, communication networks and other modern electronic devices need not only power, but also a steady flow of it to continue to operate. If the source voltage drops significantly or drops out completely these devices will fail, even if it is for a fraction of a second. Because of this, even a generator back-up does not provide protection because of the start-up time involved.

UPS (uninterruptible power system) provides an uninterruptible power source during outages or power anomalies.  Coupled with generator systems, the duo will handle, anything from power glitches to long term outages.

UPS range very small 500 VA systems to larger 750 KVA systems.

  • UPS for use with rack servers, data storage, storage systems, VoIP equipment, network equipment and other critical devices.
  • UPS  for use with personal computers and workstations.
  • UPS for clean, uninterrupted power and scalable battery runtimes for large data centers, facilities, electrical engineering infrastructure and other critical IT applications.